Conad Jazz Contest
  • Conad Jazz Contest 2015

    Italian or foreign musicians under 35, soloists or groups, who submit jazz projects of various genres and styles, including any fusions.

    10 young talents chosen by a technical panel of judges and by the online community, who will get the chance to play on the Umbria Jazz stage (Perugia, 10-19 July 2015).
    The tracks by the 10 finalists will be distributed by Zimbalam and will feature on a compilation album that you can listen to exclusively at Deezer, the first global music streaming service.

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  • Japsilla
    • Solo un'estate
    • Sei uno stupido egoista
    • Dove son finiti i tuoi ricordi?
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  • Chiara Padellaro 4tet
    • FIND ME
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  • Andrea Galli
    • Donna Lee
    • There Is No Greater Love
    • Moonglow
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    • Acustic DAnce
    • OASIS
    • 27 luglio
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Rules & FAQ

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Conad Soc. Coop. (with its registered head office at Via Michelino 59, 40127 Bologna, VAT No 03320960374), in collaboration with the Umbria Jazz Festival, is promoting the fourth edition of the Conad Jazz Contest, a music contest for young Italian or foreign musicians: groups (instrumental or with vocalists) and soloists, who shall submit jazz projects of various genres and styles, including any fusions.

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1. Can you still take part if you have previously recorded an album?
The only restriction in the rules is that the soloist or group must be free from any existing record deals or publishing contracts when they register (see Articles 2 and 4). Nothing prevents participants from having entered into contracts in the past, as long as their contractual obligations do not cover the tracks submitted or any performances as part of this contest. Moreover, the winners’ tracks which will be distributed on the digital market must not have been previously distributed on a digital platform, nor available under any capacity for sale online up until when they are uploaded onto Zimbalam, (see Article 5 bis)

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  • Top quality and rich backgrounds: the initial assessment of the fourth edition +

    Conad-Jazz-Contest-2015 - Primi giudizi

    Morbidini, technical panel of judges: "There are already excellent pieces among those that have been uploaded".

    62 groups signed up, over 180 pieces uploaded and really excellent quality. This is the initial assessment of the fourth Conad Jazz Contest, just less than a month after it opened. Manuele Morbidini, a member of the technical panel of judges, saxophonist, composer and improviser, gave us his first

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  • Renzo Arbore +

    President of the Umbria Jazz Participatory Foundation, Renzo is a multifaceted radio and television personality, Read more
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For information on the Contest:

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For technical issues:

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